Month: June 2014

Never Too Many Resources for College Funding – Part 2


University of Nevada, Reno

This is part two in my two part series on private scholarships.  Last post we covered a ton of resources for financial assistance.  I continue on that great list below.

The Learn To Drive Scholarship, offered by Shift Insurance, asks that you share a learning experience that occurred while driving or as a passenger.

If you are interested in working in the food service industry, the Clark E. DeHaven Scholarship may be able to help.

The AICPA offers multiple scholarships for students interested in pursuing a career in accounting.

The U.S. Bank Scholarship Program is probably the simplest of all those I’ve mentioned,.  It’s entirely online and no essay is required.

Marketing students will want to check out Marketing EDGE scholarships.  With approximately 9 funds, each has different eligibility requirements, but if you are interested in marketing, there is one to fit your need.

Google offers multiple assistance programs for students pursuing technology or computer science as a course of study.

The Mark A. Forester Scholarship was established by Rocky Mountain Mattress to honor Senior Airman Mark Forester who was killed in 2010 while serving his country in Afghanistan. To apply, you must write an essay explaining how you honor America’s military heroes.

The Spencer Educational Foundations offers both undergraduate and graduate scholarships with varying requirements for each.

The HotelsCheap Scholarship Program offers need based scholarships in both the Spring and Fall.

The Veteran’s United Foundation Scholarship offers assistance to active duty service members, their spouses, their children and veterans of the United States Armed Forces.

The best way to take on this massive research and application process is to get organized!

  • Set aside some time to do your research.
  • Make a list of the scholarships that you may be eligible for.
  • Prioritize your application process based on the application deadlines.  Set these dates up in your calendar to make sure you don’t miss any important deadlines.
  • Complete your first application packet.  Many require an essay.  Once written, save your essay and modify as needed for future application packets.  It’s always easier for me to work off a rough draft rather than starting form scratch for each essay.

There is a wealth of funds available for all kinds of students.  By investing a little sweat and tears, you may be fortunate enough to get some assistance in reaching your goals.  Good luck and let me know how it goes!




You Can Never Have Too Many Resources for College Funding


I have some great information to share with you about financial assistance for college and/or trade schools.  This is part one in my two part series on private scholarships.

Many of the scholarship sources I have sited in previous posts are national organizations.  Private, non-university affiliated donors also ease the financial burden of a college education through scholarships and grants.  With varying eligibility requirements, these organizations make funds available for a diverse student population.  Donors could be professional, trade or governmental organizations, civic or religious groups, fraternal organizations or private foundations.

Researching these programs can be time consuming.  Most often the application packet is different for each program.  Your time and effort can be well worth it as often these organizations are dealing with a small pool of applicants.  Remember to begin researching early as deadlines vary.  Also check back often for changes in eligibility and new programs.

Below I highlight some resources I found for students that are not graduating seniors.  Some are specific to Northern Nevada while others have criteria such as a specific area of study, military duty or family situation.

Community Foundation of Western Nevada offers multiple different scholarships with a variety of eligibility requirements.  This non profit organization awards scholarships and grants from a variety of local donors.

The “Do-Over” Scholarship does not have too many strict eligibility requirements but requires an essay explaining a “do-over” moment in your life.  We all need a second chance and they want to help!

The American Business Women’s Association (ABWA) – Stephen Bufton Memorial Educational Fund Scholarships has been supporting business women for over 50 years in the way of grants and scholarships.

If you are of hispanic heritage, the Hispanic Scholarship Fund can help you find funding for any stage of your educational program.

The Honey Lake Hospice Scholarship is specifically for a student with interests in hospice or palliative care, gerontology or oncology.

The Pat Cox Memorial Scholarship is dedicated to the tireless dedication of Patricia Cox, who taught at Natchez Elementary School in Wadsworth for 20 years.

I have so many more to feel you about but I will let you check these out tonight.  Will any of these work for you?  Check out my next post for the more!

A Film With a Mission: Miss Representation

The Statistics:

Women make up 51% of the US population, yet only 20% of the members of congress are women.

35 women have served as US Governors compared to 2,319 men.

Women hold only 5% of clout positions in telecommunications, entertainment, publishing and advertising.

US women earn $.77 to every $1.00 that a man earns.

More than 20% of teens in the US have sex before the age of 14.

53% of 13 year olds are unhappy with their bodies.  That number increases to 78% by the age of 17.

The US is the only major industrialized nation without paid family leave.


The Mission:

To shed light on how mainstream media contributes to the underrepresentation of women in positions of power and influence in America.


The Method:

A 2011 American documentary titled Miss Representation.  The film is a collection of stories from teenage girls as well as interviews with women of influence.  The purpose is expose the media messages in our society that portray women as valuable for her youth, beauty and sexuality rather than her capacity as a leader.


The Writer, Director and Producer:

Jennifer Siebel Newsom – filmmaker, speaker, former actress and advocate for women and girls.


The Venue:

The film has been shown on OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network.  It is also shown at various venues around the U.S. and internationally.  Check out the film’s website for a listing of screenings as well as a request for a screening.

Related Ventures for Women:, launched in 2011 to coincide with the film, offer tools to women and girls to help them reach their full potential.

Girls Club Entertainment, LLC is a film production company that Newsom founded and serves as Chief Executive Officer.  Its goal is to develop independent films that highlight remarkable women capable of changing the current culture for women.

The Invisible War, an award winning documentary that exposes the rape epidemic in the US military.

Do you agree that women are misrepresented in our society?

Love Tahoe? Try SNC

Sierra Nevada College is a private 4-year liberal arts college located in Incline Village, Nevada.  Established in 1969, it’s 18 acres are nestled amongst the Tahoe National Forest at the north shore of Lake Tahoe.  What a beautiful setting for learning!

The college offers over 37 majors and concentrations in 5 departments. At a college where “learning is not a spectator sport,” you can imagine the variety of hands on learning experiences they offer their students.  Whether an internship, debates, scientific field work, business plan competitions or student research opportunities, this college prides itself on being innovative in their teaching techniques.  The 13:1 student-to-faculty ratio is a huge benefit enabling personal attention and learning opportunities with the faculty.  82.4% of classes have less than 20 students.  SNC’s bachelor’s degree in Ski Business and Resort Management is one of only a few in the country.  Specific to the snow sport industry, it is a very popular course of study.  There are plenty of other options in the departments of fine arts, humanities & social science, business and science & technology.

Being situated just minutes from the snow capped peaks around Tahoe, SNC can’t help but dominate the sports competition in women’s and men’s ski, snowboard and freestyle.  Both the ski and the snowboard teams have taken the title of USCSA National Champions –  the ski team 23 times and the snowboard team 7 times.  Continuing on our outdoor theme, SNC offers an Outdoor Adventure Program, which gives each student access to a variety of opportunities for adventure.  Whether a surf trip to Mexico or backpacking in Yosemite, this private college truly fosters the love of nature.

Even if you aren’t thinking about going back to school right now, the scenery involved in a trip to Sierra Nevada College is definitely worth it!  Take a drive and check out the campus – just for kicks!



What About UNR for Your Education?

Last week I took a look at Truckee Meadows Community College here in Reno.  This week I will be looking at the University of Nevada here in Reno.

Originally established in Elko, UNR relocated to Reno in 1885.  At that time over half the states’ population lived in the Reno-Carson City area so the new location just north of downtown Reno was selected to service more of the states’ population.  Today, UNR offers nine degree granting, academic colleges and over 145 degree programs.  Whether undergraduate, graduate or doctoral, there is sure to be a degree and program to peak your interest.

Not only is UNR recognized as one of the top 150 national universities in research and development, but they also take pride in playing an active role in the community.  Cooperative education programs address vital needs in every Nevada county.  A partner with the city of Reno in IBM’s “Smarter Cities” grant program brings fact based economic expansion to better our community.  In 2012, UNR’s part time MBA program was ranked #4 in the United States by Business Week.  Us News and World Report ranks UNR in the top 100 public institutions, classifying them as Tier 1.

Student life is very active with over 250 clubs on campus.  Chances are good that another student is in the same situation or has the same interests as you.  There are close to 3,000 students at UNR with the average age of a student at 32.9.  Even as an older student who doesn’t reside on campus and attends classes part time, I feel a sense of community.  The professors are experienced and educated in their fields and take every opportunity to help their students succeed.

Reno truly is “The Biggest Little City in the World” with its small town feel, big town amenities and access to a ton of outdoor activities within a one hour radius.  The Reno-Sparks citizens are loyal UNR Wolf Pack fans and show their spirit whenever they can. Local business love UNR students and show their appreciation with the discounts they offer.  All this brings us to recognizing Reno as a great college town.

What’s holding you back from heading back to classes?