Have I Told You Everything You Need to Know?

IMG_2359With a daughter who will be graduating high school is less than a month now, I have a “to do” list a mile long.

The list of family and friends has been formulated and announcements and invitations have been sent.  We had been stressing about which professional pictures we’d use for the announcements as none of them really screamed “this is who I am.”  Her and I finally went up on the hill and took a bunch of fun shots and compiled a collection of photos that truly show each diverse facet of her personality.

Plans for her first year of college are on track as she is anxious to move on to the next stage of her life.  Thank goodness she understands prerequisites and won’t be too disappointed with a boring first year course load.   Unsettled on a career path as yet, but heading the right direction.  She is anxious to be with a new group of people and experience a new set of challenges.

The graduation party planning is not yet complete but on track.  Just a few friends and family to celebrate the past 18 years as well as excitement for the future.  I spend a few hours a week sorting pictures from her childhood to show during the gathering.  I only get through a few pictures a week as I end up reliving the memories of her youth.

Nearing the end of my list, I can’t help but sit back quietly and reflect.  Have I told her everything she needs to know?  Is she really ready to face the world?  What if I missed out on passing along an important lesson?

Did I tell her…

to have a plan,

to always give 110% at whatever you do,

to not be afraid to ask questions…ever,

to accept being wrong sometimes,

to always give love,

to take time for the little things,

and most importantly,

that this is just the beginning.

You have your whole life ahead of you and you are the navigator in this crazy thing called life.   Stand tall and be strong, you can do this!


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