The Things I Value


When I watched this Ted talk, I cried.  What an enormous amount of loss Andi O’Conor has endured and the incredible growth that has come from this loss.  This video made me think about the things we value most in life.

My home is comfort.  It is where I feel safe and warm.  I know I will be enveloped in love upon arrival and showered with hugs and kisses when I depart.  It holds everything I care about the most.

My photo albums that document our lives together and adventures we’ve had.  They show the evolution of my children  from infants to young adults.  They enable outsiders to get a sneak peek into who we are and the many faces of our personalities.  They represent many hours of laughter and happiness as we made these memories.  Creating the albums to chronicle our adventures was all part of the fun. My scrapbooking friends and I shared sweat and tears over these photos as we pasted and cut.

The kids’ keepsake boxes that hold special items from their lives for them to share with their families someday.  My oldest daughter has the blue suede booties that made me realize she hated shoes.  My youngest daughter has the little white saltwater sandals she’d wear to water the trees, with nothing else on.  My son has the camo pants that he wore to shreds to honor his dad who missed his birth while serving our country.

The momentos we have gathered through our lives that take us back to another time.  The Precious Moments figurines that my mother gave us at every major event of our lives.  The quilts that all tell a story about the who and when.  The painting of the Puget Sound that takes me back to my childhood.  The spoon collection that belonged to my grandmother, whom I hold in deepest regards. The American flag given to my husband as a token of gratitude.

None of these items mean as much to me as my family and friends.  Those who have accompanied me through good and bad.  Those who love and support unconditionally.  Those who I consider a gift.  How is your support system? Does it need strengthening?  By breaking down our walls and allowing our lives to be “big”, we expand and strengthen our support system.  With continued care and nurturing, we can fully appreciate the true value of a support system.  You never know when you may have to rely on it.


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