What Do you Want to Be When You Grow Up?

The majority of people go through a bout of career confusion at some point in their lives.  How many of us are working in a  career that we feel is not necessarily our calling?  Hopefully we are not asking ourselves what we want to be when we grown up at the age of 30 or more!  It does happen though and the more tools we can give our children the better equipped they will be to make these decisions prior to beginning a career.

Encourage your child in self discovery activities.  Any activity or lifestyle they are given the opportunity to experience gives them a chance to form an opinion.  These shape who the child will be and are vital for your child to learn what they enjoy and respond to.

Give your children an opportunity to explore the work world.  Based on the child’s self discovery, we can expose them to different careers and educate them about different factors about the job.  What schooling is required for a specific career?  What time commitment is required for school as well as day to day work?  Are there jobs available?  Is the job labor intensive?  A little research on the internet can identify salaries, education requirements and current trends in employment,  as well as the necessary path one must take to the desired career.

Ease a child into making important decisions.  Choosing a career is one of the most difficult decisions a child has to make in his/her life and most make this decision before exiting high school.  While in high school, give them opportunities to evaluate important choices and make final decisions.  The importance of learning consequences will help them to better evaluate life decision in their future.

A great opportunity for career exploration for high school students is the UC Davis Pre-Health and Pre-Medical Professions National Conference. In its 12th year, the conference aims to expose students, parents and counselors to professions in such areas as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, optometry and veterinarian medicine, to name a few.  Extensive information will be available in regards to the school admission process.  This a great venue to show students the opportunities that are available to them and the educational requirement necessary.  (Kudos to my dad for tracking this conference down for my daughter to attend this fall)

UCD PreHealth Conference


Think creatively when exposing children to new careers, you never know what will sparks their interests.  What are some other ways to give our children more tools to make future career choices?  Please leave your comments.


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