Laughing in the Face of Adversity

I am truly inspired by another fabulous TED talk.

Maysoon Zayid is a writer and a comedian who, just so happens, to have cerebral palsy.  She has faced incredible hardships throughout her life but laughs in the face of adversity.   Her use of comedy opens others up to the challenges of being disabled and wanting to have her voice heard.  The cruelty that she has faced has made her a stronger person and prepared her for a journey to inspire others and provoke change.  Zayid  is incredibly entertaining and shares some wonderful stories that would inspire anyone.

It is a message we hope to pass along to our daughters, sisters, and friends.  “You can do anything, nothing is impossible.”  But how can we get this message across so that it sinks in?  Many times I feel like I have so much to tell my teenage girls that I just blurt it out rather than showing or talking about it in a way that will make an impression.  I want them to have the inspiration to dream big, laugh hard and truly love life.

Living life to its fullest is the best example we can give to our loved ones to gain the inspiration to take on the world.

Each day…

Take some time for yourself and clear the air.  Often we get so wrapped up in day to day activities, that we lose sight of our primary purpose.  By taking a short walk, meditating or listening to some relaxing music, we can center again and leave the chaos behind.

Listen to your inner self.  We often focus solely on our to do lists rather than living in the moment.  Our chores and errand will still be waiting for us tomorrow.  Live for today.

Appreciate others.  Every person has a purpose.  Embrace diversity and know that the world would be incredibly bland if we were all alike.

Focus on your passion.  Find what you love and embrace it.  Do what you can to integrate your love into your life as it will bring you peace and joy years from now.

Share joy.  Negativity is contagious but, amazingly enough, happiness is contagious as well.  You are the only one who can decide your attitude.  Don’t give others the power to bring you down.

Inspiration can come from many sources and is more easily received when our minds are willing to accept it.  Be open and willing and you will find your inspiration in remarkable ways.

What inspires you?  Leave a comment and share your inspiration.


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