Circle of Friends

Where do you gain your support? Is it from family and friends? Do you have coworkers or bosses who will support you? Are you involved in any clubs or groups? These are all great sources of support that can help guide us along our intended path – whatever that may be.

The importance of a good support system is the backbone of a happy and fulfilling life. Without support, days are dreary and goals seem unattainable. When we are young, building this support system seems so unimportant. As we grow older and encounter challenges in our lives, we fall back on our friends to share tears with, confide in and celebrate joyous occasions. The structural integrity of this support system should be solid and able to withstand inevitable setbacks.

The circle of support that surrounds us as we journey through life may contain many people who serve different purposes. It has taken me years to identify the components of a productive support system. I suspect that part of this was (and still is) discovering who I am as a person. After living with myself for a while, I got to know what types of people I work best with, enjoy being with and motivate me.

A valuable link in my circle is the women that I am lucky enough to network with in a club that I belong to. The diversity in age and occupation is great but each of these women unconditionally offer support, whatever my endeavor is. This positive environment and reassurance brings me the inspiration to share this with others. The ripple effect at work…

The key to remember is that support can come in many different forms and for many different purposes. Finding a support system that works for you can make all the difference in the world.

As with any post, I love to hear back from you so feel free to leave comments and share your experiences.
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